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Why Should You Install a Carport?

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Carport - ARK-LA-TEX Custom Buildings
Carport Manufactured and Installed by ARK-LA-TEX Custom Buildings

Does your car look like a retired caboose standing in the backyard every time you see it in the morning?

We’re guessing you leave it out in the open without any protection!

If there is one thing that is more valuable than your home, it is your car. So, why do you leave it out in the open with no protection?

If you want to protect your vehicle, all you need to do is install a pre-fabricated #carport. A carport is an alternative to a garage and it can help you if you aren’t blessed with a covered space to park your car.

Here are a few ways in which a carport can be beneficial for you.

1. Protection from Weather

Normally, car batteries and accessories are designed to handle the ruthlessness of weather. However, there is a limit to how much they can possibly handle. If you always leave your car out in the open, consistent exposure to harmful sun rays, snowfall and rain can have a detrimental impact on the important components of your car.

High temperature can affect your car’s batteries, fluids and tires can worn out due to heat, paint fades more quickly because of sun rays and ice covering can kill batteries. A carport can help keep your car safe from these dangers. When your car rests safely in a carport, bad weather conditions cannot affect it.

2. A Valuable Extension

A carport acts as a valuable extension of your house. During warm summer months, you can relax in the shade, host parties, arrange barbeques, and even convert the space into a dining place.

3. Suitable for Different Vehicles

Carports aren’t just made for cars. You can even house your RVs, trailers, motorcycles and boats. You can use the carport to shield any type of transportation.

4. Convenience

Carports mostly don’t have doors. This can be convenient for you when you return from shopping and have to carry grocery bags inside. You won’t have to struggle opening doors while you are carrying heavy bags.

5. Simple and Stylish Design

Carports are simple and stylish. They are available in several colors and can be tailored to tie-in with the exterior aesthetic of your home

6. Affordable

Some people think that carports are expensive, but this isn’t the case. Most carports are inexpensive and the cost depends on the material used in building the carport as well as the size of the carport. You can choose wood or metal carport and there are also concrete carports, but they aren’t mobile and cost effective.

7. Easy to Install

Most people think that carports are like garages in the sense that constructing them is difficult. However, that is not the case. Carports are available in easy to assemble do-it-yourself #metalbuildingkits. It only takes a day to finish up carport installation using these kits.

Do you see how much value a carport can provide to you? To avail these benefits, get your carport from Universal Metal Buildings. With Universal Metal Buildings, you only have to pay for the carport, installation is free!

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