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What preparation should be completed before my building is installed?


Insure that the site designated for product installation is cleared of debris, level and accessible to our installation team. If you prefer not to pour a concrete slab for your metal structure we will gladly install the carport or other metal building on your level property. Please use a string line bubble level or other means to check your site before we arrive to ensure your site is level. In order to provide you with affordable products, with quick installation, the customer is responsible for any local permits, covenant searches, rights of way, set-back restrictions and site preparation. Our Crews must be able to drive to within 50 ft of the site of the structure or additional labor fees will incur to carry material to the location. Keep this in mind please - Hills, Trees, Mud, Houses, Fences and Outbuildings all can be obstacles that impede our delivery to your site. It is illegal and unsafe to install a metal building under overhead power lines, so please make sure none are close to your building site. Neglecting to notify us of these impediments in writing can result in additional charges.

Pad Sites

Pads sites are an important aspect in building a plumb, square building that looks great, functions right which means the doors work well and overall satisfaction is critical. We can aid you in this matter within an area of about 100 miles circumference from Wills Point Texas. We recommend crushed concrete or caliche being built up about 8" above grade to create a level pad that water is unlikely to run under or wash out under a concrete pad. If a site is leveled then building up 8" above grade in crushed concrete or caliche would cost about $3.00 per square ft. Although it is rare to have a site level - the $3.00 per square foot is just an estimate until one of our contractors has looked at your site. It should be noted that the pad should extend well past the building at least 3' to each side, front and rear. So the pad site for a 20x30 building should measure 26x36. Estimated crushed concrete pad (26x36) cost $2,808.00 or more if your site is not level. Dirt pads cost about $2.00 a sq ft but the homeowner should quickly address erosion control so the pad does not simply wash away after a hard rain. Erosion control mats or laying grass work well. Erosion control is not UNIVERSAL METAL BUILDINGS responsibility - Our goal is to provide each customer with a great building at a great price with the final results being nothing less than satisfactory - a solid foundation is the beginning of that.

If your site is not level, concrete or wood blocks (customer provided) may be used to install the building. This creates many undesirable qualities in the building and is not recommended. UNIVERSAL METAL BUILDINGS will do this type of installation only at the customers request and risk. There is no warranty on this type of installation. If a reschedule is necessary because the site is found not to be level at the time of install a $200.00 reschedule fee will apply.

Please check your site before we arrive. It will save time and money! A string level is $3.00 at the Home Depot.

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